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Landscape Services, Waxahachie, TX If you value your landscape, you must take care of it periodically. Professional landscape maintenance is the ideal choice when it comes to maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape. At Sims Landscape Maintenance, we are your one-stop landscape maintenance experts. Explore the range of services that we offer to ensure your property looks great and stays and grows healthier through the seasons.

Residential Landscape Maintenance

Our residential landscape maintenance services focus on keeping your landscape looking beautiful, tidy, vibrant, and healthy. We can provide standard and custom maintenance solutions to make your property look its best through all seasons. Our experience, equipment, materials, and expertise allow you to maintain a beautiful and healthy landscape in a cost-effective manner. From professional lawn mowing to edging to trimming, we take of everything required to maintain a landscape that grows to be stronger and better. Once we complete the task, all the concrete surfaces will be blown to ensure we will leave the area in a neat and clean look. The types of services we offer in a typical maintenance program include lawn maintenance, flower bed cleaning, tree and shrub trimming, seasonal color maintenance, fertilization, weed control, leaf cleanup, and mulching. Read More About Residential Landscape Maintenance »

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

A well-maintained and attractive commercial landscape is critical to the image of your business. It plays an important part in your property’s curb appeal and creates the first impression on your visitors, customers, or tenants. We offer maintenance services including mowing, trimming, pruning, edging, weed control, fertilization, and more. Customized programs are developed for each client to address the unique needs of their landscape. From commercial offices to retail stores to healthcare facilities to condominiums to government offices, we provide services to all types of clients. Our crew includes experienced and certified horticulturists with specialized local experience and know-how. We take pride in the quality care services we provide for our clients’ gardens, lawns, shrubs, and trees. Read More About Commercial Landscape Maintenance »

Lawn Mowing

Lawns need regular care to look beautiful and tidy. Our experienced lawn care crew can offer mowing services to ensure your lawn looks its best through the seasons. Our services not only improve your property’s curb appeal but also make your lawn healthier. We follow environment-friendly practices to keep your lawn pollution-free and safe. Besides, sustainable practices help reduce the need for water. Our experienced crew will leave your lawn looking its best. We will blow the area to ensure that the surroundings look neat and clean after we have completed the work. We address all the variables when taking care of your lawn. Read More About Lawn Mowing »


Regular and professional fertilization is an integral part of the lawn maintenance process. It requires in-depth knowledge, proper timing, and preparation to achieve optimal results with fertilization. We will inspect your lawn and the soil before planning and applying the right type of fertilizers. Proper fertilization will replenish all the essential and missing nutrients to the soil without disrupting the balance. This will help achieve optimal growth, better health, and improved landscape beauty. The key benefits of our professional services include prevention of diseases, eliminating thinning issues, and improving your property’s curb appeal. From late winter application to early spring to late fall application, we cover all the seasons to meet the unique fertilization needs of your landscape. Read More About Fertilization »


Professional mulching offers a cost-effective way to maintain a healthier garden. We will help you choose the right mulch to both improve the beauty and health of your plants and shrubs. Besides, we will also emphasize the use of mulch that reduces weed growth. We supply and lay different types of mulch including shredded cedar, hardwoods, pine straw, mulch blend, and rock. Your lawn can benefit in different ways including better water retention, shield against temperature variations, better earthworm growth, the addition of essential nutrients, and prevention of erosion. We take out the hard work out of the job and can assist you in making the right choice for your planting beds. Read More About Mulching »

Weed Control

Our weed control treatments are developed to address the special needs of your lawn. With our services, you will have a lush, healthy, and green lawn. We offer both pre-and-post-emergent weed control solutions by leveraging our specialized knowledge of the local conditions and common weeds. Only high-quality and safe materials and practices are used for the purpose. From grassy weeds to broadleaf weeds, we create solutions to remove and prevent all the different types of weeds that grow commonly in this area. Our environment-friendly treatments, local knowledge, and custom solutions help us achieve the optimal results for our clients’ landscape. Read More About Weed Control »

Flowers & Plant Installation

Whether you want to replace your existing plants and flowers or add new ones, we can cater to all types of needs. Our services will give you a more beautiful and vibrant planting bed and landscape throughout the growing seasons. We follow a well-planned approach to plant installation to address the unique preferences of our clients. Our experienced horticulturists will assist you in picking the right flowers and plants for the season. We will guide you in selecting perennials and annuals most suitable to the local conditions such as soil, fertility requirements, heat tolerance, and drought tolerance. We will also take factors like sunlight and water requirements into account. Read More About Flowers & Plant Installation »

Pruning & Edging

Pruning and edging have more to them than what most people think of them. Our pruning services enhance the beauty and health of your plants. Dead branches can affect new growth. Tangled parts can prevent the roots from getting access to nutrients, sun, and water. We will prune your plants to the rights size without interfering with their natural shape. When it comes to our edging services, we will define the different areas in your garden to add structure to the whole landscape. We will develop edging plans after discussing your preferences. After we complete the process, we will blow off all the clippings and debris to leave your landscape looking neat and clean. Read More About Pruning & Edging »

Lawn & Flower Bed Renovation

Your landscape will need to be refreshed occasionally. Our professional lawn and flower bed renovation will achieve this to deliver optimal results. We recommend a renovation project during the fall. We can use herbicides before removing the old lawn and adding a fresh layer of topsoil. If required, we may also use hydroseeding. Our flowerbed renovation process typically includes cleanup, new design, and flower installation. All the steps are planned and discuss with you before being implemented. Our services will help improve your landscape’s appearance and enhance it in many ways. It will help in having a healthier landscape, create a great first impression, and improve your property's value. Read More About Lawn & Flower Bed Renovation »

Spring Clean Up

When done right, spring clean-up has both aesthetic and functional benefits for your landscape. Our services will also help you enjoy the spring season to its best. The range of services that we offer includes clearing away leaves, branches, and other debris, removing dead or damaged branches, cleaning up the plants and bedding, raking the grass, and hauling away the debris. This will help create space and the right conditions for healthier spring growth. We have the experience, resources, and knowledge required to return your landscape to its full glory. Spring clean-up is an essential service and is best handled by experienced professionals. Read More About Spring Clean Up »

We can develop custom landscape maintenance services to meet your unique preferences and needs of your lawn and planting beds. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us today at 972-482-0488. Our services are offered in Waxahachie TX and the surrounding areas of Dallas, Desoto, Lancaster, Red Oak, Midlothian, Glen Heights, and Mansfield.
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