Lawn & Flower Bed Renovation

Lawn Renovations, Waxahachie, TX All landscaping requires regular refreshing. Lawn and flower bed renovation is an excellent way to achieve this. Besides enhancing your property’s curb appeal, this can also add value. At Sims Landscape Maintenance, we can renovate and update your existing lawn and planting beds to create stunning effects. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, we provide our services for all types of landscapes in Waxahachie, TX, and the surroundings.

Lawn Renovation Services

Fall is the right time for completing lawn renovation work. Your lawn requires grass seed addition during its lifespan to add thickness to the areas that have thinned out. Fall is also suited for repairing areas from issues such as:

  • Drought
  • Grub damage
  • Construction repairs

Proper lawn renovation involves a series of steps. This includes:

  • The first step in our lawn renovation service is spraying all the focus areas with a herbicide. It is used as per guidelines and allows safe reseeding with days. This step helps ensure a fresh start free from any old grass or weeds.
  • Once the herbicide has done its job, we will remove your old lawn from the soil. All the weeds and old grass will be removed. This means your lawn will have only the new grass type that has greater drought tolerance and disease resistance.
  • When the old lawn has been removed, we will determine if a layer of fresh topsoil needs to be added. The topsoil will help condition the existing soil by improving its water and nutrient-holding capacity. If required, we may hydroseed on top of the existing soil.

Flowerbed Renovation

Flowerbed renovations typically include cleanup, new flower installation, and new designs. We can offer a complete range of services – from the creation of flowerbeds to planting the blooms to maintenance and everything in between. With our services, you will never have to worry about weeds in your flowerbed.

Our experienced crew will work with you to learn what looks you desire for your flowerbed. You will be the one choosing the flowers and we will help you determine which ones suit the local climate best. We will also take care of all the tedious tasks including:

  • Digging up the grass
  • Proper planting
  • Create a pleasant finished look

We are a landscape maintenance company that always goes beyond our clients’ expectations.

The Process

Flower bed renovation is an important aspect of landscape maintenance. Your existing bed can get overgrown, plants will die, and the area can be filled with debris. We follow these steps for flowerbed renovation:

  • Removal & Cleanup: Over time, the planting bed can have weeds and unwanted plants establish themselves. Leaves, branches, and other debris can buildup and choke out the softscape. We will remove all weeds, unwanted plants, dead plants, and debris.

  • New Installation: New plant installation is the next step in bed renovation. We know from experience that perennials that thrive the best in this part of Texas. We prefer using native plants for most of the renovations. The choice of new plants can be made to add and enhance the existing landscape or to replace it with more vibrant colors.

Flowerbed and lawn renovation can enhance the appearance of your landscape. There are many reasons why your landscape needs renovation. Some of the key benefits include the following:

  • Maintain healthier grass and plants
  • Create a great first impression on clients and guests
  • Increase your property’s value
  • Create a fresh and clean look

If you want to renovate your lawn and flower bed or fix an appointment for our other landscape maintenance services, feel free to contact us today at 972-482-0488. We offer our services for both residential and commercial landscapes in Waxahachie TX and the surrounding cities of Lancaster, Dallas, Glen Heights, Red Oak, Midlothian, Mansfield, and Desoto.
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