Pruning & Edging

Pruning & Edging, Waxahachie, TX Landscape maintenance has more to it than keeping everything looking beautiful and attractive. It is more about caring for the landscape and all the elements that make it. This requires doing everything needed to keep the plants happy, healthy, and alive. Only a healthy landscape can be a uniquely beautiful landscape. At Sims Landscape Maintenance, our pruning and edging services take care of this aspect. We serve all types of clients in Waxahachie, TX, and the surroundings including residential and commercial properties.

Pruning Services

Pruning helps plants both look and stay healthy. We will remove dead branches that hinder healthy new growth and remove any tangled areas that may block the roots from getting enough sunlight, nutrients, or water. If you are seeking the best pruning services, trust the professionals.

Our pruning services help maintain your landscape plan. It will prevent plants from overrunning the space. It also offers additional functional benefits such as minimizing disease and encouraging flowering and fruiting. Regular and proper pruning is essential for maintaining healthy gardens. Our experienced landscape maintenance experts will keep in mind the original plan when offering our pruning services. Some of the key points that we keep in mind include:

  • Find out how large you want a plant to grow to
  • Prune a plant to ensure it stays within its boundaries
  • Select a properly sized plant to fit a specific area to reduce the frequency of pruning

All plants are different and have unique care requirements. Right pruning will keep plants looking natural and conform to their natural shape. We have experienced landscape professionals and know that altering the looks of a plant through pruning can cause damage to it. Our crew is experienced, well-trained, and equipped with the right tools for the job.

Edging Services

Defining the different areas in your garden will add structure to your landscape. Creating such boundaries for your plants helps ensure that your lawn doesn't look like it has been overrun by shrubbery. We will discuss the garden’s plan before marking the edges for your garden bed. Edges may be created with raised beds or digging around the edges to create a variation in elevation and using edging tools to maintain neat and clean parameters. This will make your garden beds stand out and add definition to the different elements of your yard.

Our edging services will give your property a manicured and finished look. We will complete the job by blowing off the hard surfaces to give a neat and tidy look. You can choose from our monthly and custom edging services based on the unique needs of your landscape.

What Do We Offer?

  • Our crew is trained to edge carefully around different elements
  • We will blow off hard surfaces including patios and decks during each visit
  • Our power edging services will give a crisp finishing touch to your property

If you need more information about our pruning, edging, and other landscape maintenance services, contact us today. We can be reached at 972-482-0488. We offer our services to clients throughout Waxahachie, TX, and the surrounding areas of Lancaster, Midlothian, Red Oak, Glen Heights, Desoto, Dallas, and Mansfield.
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